Stan's girlfriend (kinda, he throws up whenever he talks to her). She Likes Stan and is in his class. When the Substitute comes she hires some guys from Iraq to come and take her away. She is very smart.
Favourite Quotes: "Don't @%$# with me!"
             "Oh Gross"


Ike is Kyle's little brother who is always hanging around. The kids like to play kick the baby with him.
Favourite Quote: "Don't kick the baby".


Mr. Hanky is the loveable chrismas poo who brings presents too all the boys and girls.
He starts as a figment of Kyle's imagination, but later becomes a reality.
Favourite Quote: "Hiiiiii Deeeeeee Hooooooo"


Chef is the true ladies man of South Park.
He gets with all the women and sings sweet love songs.
He is the chef at the school cafeteria and is friends with the children.
Favourite Quotes: "I wanna make love to ya woman"
  "Sweet Lovin"


Mr. Garrison is the ambiguously gay teacher at the kids school.
He is always seen with his puppet Mr. Hat.
In one episode he gets a nose job and looks like David Hasselhoff.
Favorite Quote: "You die! You die and go to hell!"


Starvin Marvin is the mail order Ethiopian who the kids get adopt when they are trying to get a free watch.
He is starving and comes to the kids' houses during Thanksgiving.
Favorite Quote: "Mrflkerjhf wejkchfkwlrrjuhvc ewlkfj"

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